SAM - Age 3 - being bossy

SAM - Age 3 - being bossy


About Sam

Photographs are life.

I will wear my heart on my sleeve and I think thats why I'm still very drawn to photography. I look for those emotions in each image. I want the raw you. The YOU that only your family and friends see. In the 16 years of shooting weddings I do know what works and what doesn't. What works? Is when we both have trust and provide that safe space to let it out. The only way for us to get there is to go roller skating or to have a chat. Now, I'm going to be taboo here for a moment, but it's okay after we chat and you are just not feeling me. Your images are about connection and that synergy will only happen when you have that trust. (I just really love that word trust) Wedding photography shouldn't solely be based off of what packages who provides what. A grand slam deal doesn't get you images you love. I go to Denny's because I can get bang for my buck and the food is just okay. But I will splurge at The Hearthstone and walk away majorly satisfied and I will keep going back. See where I going with this? If you're feeling what I'm putting down, lets chat! OH and P.S. I’m currently working on renovating an 84” Dodge Camper Van so please don’t be surprised if I show up ready to camp after work. HA!

Weddings / Elopements / Couples are my passion.

I will travel world wide, but my home base is the beautiful mitten state,  Michigan. 

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